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 DigiView - Vision Based Remote Colour Assessment System

The perfect solution for smarter remote working during Covid 19 

VeriVide introduces the new Smart Swatch tool and opens the doors to vision based remote colour assessment. Traditional colour approval relies on receipt of physical samples and the use of Light boxes to check batches against colour standards. Instrumental colour measurement provides pass/fail reports of colour accuracy against the agreed standards and have helped many retailers to tighten up on colour quality and allow some ‘self-approval’ to take place in the supply chain helping to reduce the overall burden of checking thousands of lab dyes and first bulks. However not all fabrics are suited for measurement by spectrophotometer or other measurement systems.

Often brands and retailers use buyers or buying assistants to approve and control colour of the merchandise. Delta E results on pass/fail reports sometimes help, but instrumental measurements and understanding reflectance data can be a little confusing and in some cases not very helpful when complex colour designs or multiple colours are used within the same fabric or garment. One quite often hears "forget about the data – what does the colour look like?”

VeriVide have worked with some top retailers and have developed a tool that allows remote colour assessment of ‘virtually submitted’ samples to take place. Batches are imaged with the DigiEye Imaging Cube together with their associated colour standards. The colour calibrated images are then sent to viewing stations at the retailers, where buyers simply open up the images, and assess on screen the accuracy of the batch colour against the standard. Smart tools with the new suite of DigiView software now allow the user to ‘cut out’ the standards and move them over or adjacent to the corresponding colour area. This allows the user to remotely assess colour without the need for physical samples, in the same way as they would do traditionally in a Light box. Users are reporting that in nearly all cases they make same decisions on screen as they would when they see physical samples a few days later. DigiView provides the users with a very quick and simple way of looking at colour submissions.

DigiView provides an industry proven way to view calibrated colour images of lab dyes, bulk, print strike offs, components and trims. This remote assessment of colour submissions provides quicker (usually same-day) submission results back to the supply base. This alone knocks off days and sometimes up to one week from lead-times and obviously saves on courier costs associated with the shipping of colour samples.

Please contact the DigiEye Team at VeriVide to see how DigiView can help your brand save time and money in your colour approval process.

Click below on the video link to see a short video.

DigiView Presentation Video

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