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DigiEye by VeriVide Limited

Textiles & Apparel, Home-ware, Footwear & Packaging.

Are your product Margins under pressure in 2022?

Want to reduce lead-times & costs of your colour development, 

approval and buying cycle ?


Introducing the DigiEye System

The DigiEye System from VeriVide Limited provides solutions to many of the colour communication problems faced daily by design, technical and buying teams. The DigiEye System images and measures colour where traditional instruments such as spectrophotometers cannot. Images produced by the DigiEye System are true-colour and can be electronically sent to other people within the supply chain at a click of a mouse, within seconds a copy of the image can be opened on a calibrated monitor and an instant “yes or no” decision can be quickly communicated back. 

This is ideal for electronic colour submissions of lab dyes, print strike-offs, samples, components and bulk lots. The ‘same day response’ approach massively saves time and reduces costs.

VeriVide Limited

The Leicester (UK) based company VeriVide Limited has over 50 years in the business of colour assessment innovation.

The DigiEye system is now commercially well established (over 10 years old) and useful software advances have been developed with the retail and apparel industry specifically in mind. There are now over 300 DigiEye systems in use world-wide across all types of industries.

Forward thinking retailers can benefit widely in the adoption of DigiEye into their existing laboratory, colour management and buying departments. Initially developed for Digital Colour Fastness Grading the DigiEye system provides Non-Contact Colour Measurement of flat and 3D products and this extends its use into Textiles & Apparel, Homeware, Footwear and Packaging.

Large 1200mm / 1300mm Imaging System (shown below)

The DigiEye System & Software

  • The new A11 ISO Standard for Grading of Colour Fastness Tests.
  • Colour Measurement of Flat & 3D Objects
  • Archive of colour calibrated images of products (for traceability purposes).
  • A suite of advanced software including automated workflows and new colour sorting tools.
  • Runs on standard Windows Operating System (Windows 10)
  • Data exportable to other colour & business systems (PLM and PDM systems etc.).
  • Varying levels of software modules to suit user applications.
  • Global Installation & Technical Support through our network of agents and distributors.
  • UK Based development of hardware and software
  • Colour Generation Databases available for Textiles, Ceramics, Carpets & Rugs, Plastics and others.
  • Large 1300mm Imaging Cube available for large Product Imaging.

Application Examples in the Retail Supply Chain

Lace, Mesh and Special Fabrics

Colour Measurement and QC

Fabric Prints and Graphics

Colour Measurement and QC

Denim Product

Colour Measurement and Wash

Imaging of Garments

Recolouring for Virtual Selection

Footwear & Accessories

Colour Measurement & QC

Grading of Colour Fastness Tests

Digital grading to ISO A11

Homeware Coordinating Sets

Colour Measurement and QC

Carpets & Rugs

Colour Measurement and QC

Beauty & Cosmetics

Colour Measurement of Products

Hard Goods

Colour Measurement & QC

Home & Garden Products

Colour Measurement and QC

Seasonal and Gifting

Colour Measurement 

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