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We value all of our clients - due to client confidentiality we are sometimes unable to disclose work or client names.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide competitively priced Colour Consultancy service to brands and retailers.

We have access to various colour measurement technologies and a wide resource of knowledge 

and are best to advise on solutions for your existing colour management problems.

Some of our clients


Next Retail - Head Office

Installation & User Training of DataColor Colorite Technology & VeriVide DigiEye Systems.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer - Head Office

Re-Measurement of the entire M&S library of Colour Standards (31 point Reflectance Data).

Sainsbury's TU

TU Clothing - Coventry

Implementation of Colour System. Colour Management and Colour Training for buyers.

 Our Story

Textile Colour Management - How it all began

Instrumental Colour Measurement

Instrumental Colour Measurement using a spectrophotometer is nothing new. The early 1980’s saw the introduction of ‘colours by numbers’- i.e. spectral data by a leading UK retailer. This system over the years has proven to be very successful indeed and is ideal for almost all solid colours. A few retailers or brands also operate ‘self-approval’ systems based purely on pass/fail tolerances. Many would agree that this reduces lead-times which greatly improve the speed to market. However this requires careful control, often headed up by a central colour team ensuring necessary compliance and integrity of all the partners, through standardised systems, training and auditing.

Colour Measurement by Calibrated Camera

More complex colour product, i.e. prints, graphics, checks, stripes, denim and multi-colour fabrics require a different approach. Traditional Spectrophotometers cannot measure these types of fabrics very well, and at best they provide only an ‘average’ reading of the colour and sample a small area only.

New camera based systems can image samples in accurate colour, provide colour calibrated images with colour measurement capability and importantly allows images to be communicated to other people ‘electronically’. 


DigiEye is such a system, which images colour in context along with its fabric structure. The DigiEye ‘sees’ exactly in the same way as the human eye would, this is really important as everything a brand or retailer does is checked by the eye of the buyers and eventually the customer.

Traditional Colour Management

It is quite common for brands and retailers to use In-Country Offices or regional sourcing hubs to co-ordinate production and provide some form of colour management, often intending that people within this organisational chain provide some responsibility of getting the job right, and primarily providing some form of first level checking or ‘vetting’ of lab dyes (lab dips), print strike-offs and other colour submits to help alleviate workload at Head Office while pushing-back responsibility into the supply chain (or at the very least keeping decision making within the country to avoid costly time delays).

In an ideal world it would be good only to receive colour submissions that have a high chance of being approved by the buyer, since poor attempts would have been sent back to the garment makers/mills by the In Country Offices. Of course there are always times where commercially or technically a colour cannot always be achieved, and these submissions are sent in for ‘commercial consideration’.

Colour Management - The Go Digital Approach

In a fast moving and competitive market, there has never been a more important time to maximise the time & resource spent on the colour approval process. Some people may see the colour management process as an un-necessary expense. It’s actually about getting a consistent process in place to ensure product conformance and working with partners and supply chain to improve lead times and the avoidance of adverse costs associated with rejected or late production leading to loss of sales. A well-managed colour approval process should become cost neutral.

Talk to us to see how you can go Digital and take advantage of today's colour technology.

Our clients, our work - our global reach

We work very closely with VeriVide Limited, manufacturers of the VeriVide range of Colour Assessment Cabinets and creator of the DigiEye Colour Measurement System. Colour Check Services are proud to have completed important colour projects for companies like Next Retail, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's TU Clothing.

More recently we have worked on food colour measurement projects for leading suppliers and brands. We have gained valuable knowledge from a wide range of globally positioned companies and research organisations.

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